Thursday, June 14, 2007

Aggressive Advertising Campaign Launched by LDS Church

by: Kay

The following video was not meant for the public to see. I'm posting it now before YouTube pulls it down.

The full video can be found here:

The LDS Church has started an aggressive advertising campaign to target potential converts and drive them to their website, through the use of billboards, TV commercials, radio, magazine ads, and pass-along-cards.

The website they are trying to drive people to is their missionary website. The Church has a saying when dealing with new or potential converts; "Milk before meat." Teach them doctrine easy to accept first, then teach them the complicated, illogical stuff. Nowhere on the website does it talk about temple garments, being God of your own planet, work for the dead, polygamy, no trinity, and so forth. The website has a live chat program for people to talk to missionaries. Their job is to get and investigator's name, phone number, and address so local missionaries can contact them.

As a side note, It's pretty funny they call their missionary website A few years back, they made such a big deal that members were to no longer call themselves "Mormons" and needed to incorporate the full PR name, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by calling themselves "Latter Day Saints," "LDS" so the Olympic tourists wouldn't associate them with their famous polygamist cousins.

There were several things that suprised me in this video. Jennifer Buster, who has extensive theatrical experience, talked about her conversion to the LDS Church and brought up how she was questioning her current minister. He pulled her aside and told her to stop asking questions. I laughed at this because it is the same sort of response Church leaders give. The propaganda spin gives the impression there is such thing as intellectual freedom within the LDS Church! This is blatantly false when Mormon intellectuals are commonly excommunicated! I guess it's ok to question as long as your questions fall in line with Mormon theology.

The second thing suprising about the video was how they brought up specific beliefs that set us aside from mainstream Christianity, such as God having a physical body and the concept of a premortal existance. With President Hinkley doing everything he can to mainstream the LDS religion, how does pointing out such glaring differences help them be more mainstream?

One phrase I have heard repeated lately in apologetic circles is "We are a peculiar people." It looks like, with stalling growth, Church leaders have decided to switch tactics and embrace their peculiarity in hopes of increasing retention, even if it means a drop in overall conversions. "This is an exclusive cult" mentality.

One of the criticisms of this tactic is how driving people to the internet will encourage them to go to other sources besides Church sponsored links. The internet has been very detrimental for the Church. People can easily research history the Church previously controlled and hid from their members. However, does the Church really have a choice anymore? Will all the apostates banding together to get this information out there, they are literally overwhelming the the Church's control with the sheer number of "anti" sites which have a strong reputation for leading people away from the Church. Members who host Church sponsored links have had to resort to cybersquatting in order to hide the truth that Joseph Smith was a complete fraud!

Oh, and I love the logo: "TRUTH RESTORED." How can truth be restored when truth is always truth?


Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey guys, thanks for posting this video and the links and for your spot-on commentary regarding it.

I'm posting the entire video over on my site for all to see and you're welcome to link to it if you want to.

Is it me, or does the background voice sound like a robot or computer generated voice? Also, the video is very poorly done, as the teleprompter is to the right of the camera and when they are supposedly looking straight at us, they are looking to the right. Man, how irritating is that?

These guys are so desperate, it's almost sad. They look defeated and know that what they are saying is BS. It's almost like they are saying, "if we say it enough, we might believe it's true and so will everybody else."

M. Russell Ballard is about as phony as they come and then you throw in Richard G. Scott saying twice, "I'm so excited", when he looks like he barely has a pulse and is about to fall off his chair.

By the way, what are the odds of having two Richard G's on this missionary committee...must have been inspired by the Mormon God...LOL!!

All I can say is that this video convinces me that us ex-Mormons and the ex-Mormon community, mainly through the blogs, Internet and media, are having a dramatic impact, probably even more than we thought we were. To me, this is their first admission that we are winning the battle for "the truth."

Anyway, thanks guys, you rock and I'm sure this video will help expose the Mormon cult to a lot more people, as they can now see that they market the church just like any corporation.

By the way, whatever happened to their Jewish PR firm that they hired from New York? Are they behind this or did Jesus Christ already fire them?

At the end, M. Russell Ballard says:

"I cannot overemphasize how critical this is. I don't need to tell you that wickedness is flourishing in the world, that evil is abounding as the scripture said, the Devil is raging in the hearts of the children of men, all over the world.

What is the oasis, what is the one place that people can come and find answers to life's questions to determine who they are, where they came from, why they're here, where are father wants them to come?

We have it, we have it all and we have the responsibility, every member, has the responsibility to be involved and this great effort and this campaign, that we're trying to put forward here, is for the members, every bit as much as it is for the investigators. Let us never forget how blessed we are and what a responsibility that carries."

Yes, Satan is raging and out to deceive all Mormons and the rest of the world to not be a Mormon and as a proud Mormon apostate, I'm glad to represent their version of Satan, every chance I get. You knew they'd have to mention Satan, because without Satan, there would be no need for the Mormon church or any religion.

Just remember, if anyone has any questions, Mormons claim they are the only ones in the whole world, that have the answers(they "have it all!!") and everyone else is wrong, an abomination and deceived by the mighty Lucifer, who "is raging in the hearts of the children of men, all over the world."

Boyd K. Packer calls us "disease germs full of darkness", Ballard says to "run from us as fast as you can" and finally, Brigham Young calls us apostates "anti-Christs" charming!!

I'm sure that Boyd K. Packer would love to sit in on this committee, but he's too busy regulating little boy's factories, to make sure they don't masturbate and keeping his eyes on the real dangers of the world and enemies of the Mormon church..."gays, feminists and intellectuals".

Packer says:

"I suppose-I think I remember saying those things. [laughs] If it's in print, I said it."

Followed up by:

"And- but that's part of the alert-alerting, and it's very simple. Down some of those paths, you have a right to go there, and within the church, you don't have a right to teach and take others there and without having some discipline, simply because down the road, there's unhappiness."

But at least they never speak ill will of any people or churches, right? Just bring your good and Gordon B. Hinckley will see if he can add to it....that's all there is to it.

Notice the theme throughout the video, completely blaming the members if this media blitz campaign fails?

It just follows their typical and traditional themes of fear mongering and never taking responsibility for anything that fails or that they do or say or for any of their mistakes. It all started with Joseph Smith, who repeatedly lied publicly and they continue on with this proud tradition of lying and deceiving the world.

Take care guys and thanks for what you're doing to help spread the truth about Mormonism and the cult it really is,


Elder Joseph said...

I think the church really is struggling . In my ward we hear the same thing week in week out .. Each member is responsible to find a family for the missionaries to teach ....yet there is no one new coming ..

The pressure is on .Our missionaries are struggling big time and the only converts they get are African Asylum Seekers who don't really believe it anyway .They join because they are lonely here in England and like the company .If they get their Asylum granted they have little use for the church afterwards in alot of cases .

The internet must be having a huge impact , it certainly helped me not to join and it's causing long standing members to quit or at least put up blogs showing the lies and deception ( even if they can't quit for family reasons ) .

I find the best informative sites are from ex members or current dissaffected members .

The church must cringe when they see their secrets revealed over the world wide web .

In the June Ensign their is a lengthy article on dealing with information which might cause one to question the church ! lol

The advise given is to ignore it and rely on the testimony fantasy ! hahaha

I think the PBS documentary rattles them also and its no wonder the June Ensign has this article in it ...perfect timing.

But Real Truth always prevails in the end .

Elder Joseph said...

I watched the full version on the church site . What are these guys on ? lol

I saw this Jennifer Buster character giving her Testimony of looking forward to life after death with the Mormon faith . Yea sure as one of many polygamous wives or maybe even a servant of the married ones ! hahaha

She asked alot of questions to her pastor and he said stop confusing the class or something ..
well I asked only one or two questions in my Gospel Principles Class and was told instantly that contention is of the devil !

Wait until she asks the right questions at LDS church later on ! lol

Anonymous said...

You said something about mainstreaming the LDS religion. It is Christianity, however, it is, it is different, and different people whether you are Mormon, Jewish, whatever, you get persecuted. Let people be, why can't you put your energy into something worthwhile, why can't you be a cause for good instead of obsessing over something you clearly do not believe...don't believe it then. that is that. why spend your life being angry and looking for fault? don't you think your time would be better used doing something that is good for you?