Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Speaking in Tongues

By: Kay

I was always taught growing up LDS this was more a gift you work at and learn; praying in tongues means praying in some real language. This gift is given in two different ways: Some people are born with the Gift of Tongues; this would describe a person with a flare for foreign languages. The even more rare version is for people who are faithful and given the power to speak in tongues when they are called upon to offer a prayer in a language they are not comfortable or familiar with. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will speak through them so they offer the prayer, blessing or teach another in the language they are called upon to speak. You may hear a lot of these stories from missionaries serving foreign missions.

The LDS Gift of Tongues is always a real foreign language, with its own dictionary and grammatical structure. I was always a little confused about this because I was taught this was a very rare gift. However, I heard other Christain faiths commonly pray in tongues, and this confused me even more. How come praying in tongues is more common among other denominations when this is the one true Church?!

Then I watched Jesus Camp and all my questions about the Gift of Tongues were answered! Hallelujah! I realized praying in tongues in other Christian denominations means the person prays in gibberish!


I looked up this word, and this is what I found.

Glossolalia: n.
--1. to pray in tongues.
--2. to speak gibberish.

Well now! That's easy enough! Anyone can speak gibberish. (My ex does it all the time.) Now I will offer my own prayer in hopes you all can glean some deeper meaning from my words. I couldn't tell you what it means since understanding gibberish is an entirely different gift altogether.

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