Saturday, May 26, 2007

The LDS Church Stands or Falls on a Literal Global Flood

by: Kay

Mormonism stands or falls on a global flood. Joseph Smith taught Adam and Eve dwelt in Missouri at a place called Adam-ondi-Ahman. This is where people lived until the Great Flood of Noah, at which point only eight people survived and they were swept away to what is now known as the Middle East.

A global flood can be written of by other theists - who see the geological nonsense supporting it - by saying it was a symbolic flood, or only a limited area was flooded, which seemed like the entire Earth from Noah's perspective.

To believe in the LDS Church, one must take the story of a global flood literally. Joseph Smith had many revelations about where Adam and Eve dwelt, and the population of the Eastern world is dependent upon the events of the Flood.

Before anyone tries to say Joseph Smith was speaking as a man, and this was only his opinion, not revelation, please note Noah’s flood is in fact doctrine. It is canonized in the BoM, PoGP, and the D&C in the following versus:

Moses 7:42
Abraham 1:19
Alma 10:22
Ether 6:7
Joseph Smith-Matthew 1:41-42
D&C 84:14-15
D&C 133:54
3 Nephi 22:9

These cannonized scriptures are revelations from God and all mention Noah as a real actual person, and the flood as a real actual event. The BoM and other revealed scripture of the Church are all supposed to be 100% accurate, true, and literal. Never has an LDS leader stated Noah and the global flood are mythological.

"There was the great Flood, when waters covered the earth and when, as Peter says, only 'eight souls were saved'" – Gordon B. Hinckley, If We Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear, 175th Semi-Annual General Priesthood Meeting

"In spite of the world’s arguments against the historicity of the Flood, and despite the supposed lack of geologic evidence, we Latter-day Saints believe that Noah was an actual man, a prophet of God, who preached repentance and raised a voice of warning, built an ark, gathered his family and a host of animals onto the ark, and floated safely away as waters covered the entire earth. We are assured that these events actually occurred by the multiple testimonies of God’s prophets."
1998 Ensign article

The Church has excommunicated members for taking a stance against the literalness of the BoM. Everything in the BoM is supposed to be read as true, without question. Any evidence against the BoM will later be refuted and shown to be wrong. Never mind the continuously mounting evidence against it. Perhaps in this lifetime, perhaps in our children's lifetimes. Someday, someday...just you all wait and see.


Rodrigo said...

Hey. hows it going this is Mindcore from Myspace.

I liked this post.

For me the most interesting thing about mormonism is the pressure an individual in the LDS must be under to not embrace skepticism or even worse atheism.

It makes the cost of embracing a reason based outlook to lose one's family.

I always consider myself lucky that my relatives are pretty secular, it only cost me some of my friends to abandon my religion.

Good post.

S.McCoy said...

Wow, I understand that Jesus is supposed to come back to Jackson it Missouri? Perhaps that is not doctrine or even right...anybody know?
Glad to find this blog, thank you. I have a hard time getting reason through to my mormon family. They don't get it that the founder was just a fraud!!!!